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Words are Food Collection

PoetryTeacher uses vocabulary as a form of expression by letting us know that Words Are Food! When you shop PoetryTeacher Words are Food Apparel Collection you will be able to choose from our customized hoodies, masks, sweatshirts, tank tops, crop tops, handbags, mesh bags, and even masks. Every piece of PoetryTeacher apparel was crafted and thought of with men and women in mind because men and women both have a right to use their vocabulary as a form of self-expression. Words are Food Apparel Collection is a reminder to always express yourself. First of all, food has always been used as a way to express feelings or emotions, even when the right words couldn’t be found, or someone did not have a wide vocabulary. Secondly, it sustains you. It nourishes you! Most importantly, it excites you! Words are so relative, as they do the same things for you that food does. Words are used as an expression of you, how you feel, and who you are! That is what PoetryTeacher uses her Words Are Food Collection for. To sustain, nourish, and excite you! So, come on and shop PoetryTeacher’s Words Are Food Collection of expression, and let her Words be Your food!