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The Singers Circle

What is the Singer’s Circle Collection? The Singer’s Circle Collection is one of the many special collections created by the PoetryTeacher, which includes Sing Sir t-shirts, Yes Ma’am t-shirts, and more sing apparel. PoetryTeacher knows that through song, many feelings and emotions are felt. Not only are there many emotions, but most of the time, singing is the avenue in which emotions are expressed or communicated to others. Singing is food for the soul.  Why the Singer’s Circle Collection? The Singer’s Circle Collection was created as an extension of PoetryTeacher Apparel, and it was crafted for the singers of the world! The Singer’s Circle was crafted for those who choose to use song as an outlet to make others and themselves elevate! Because of this, The Singer’s Circle Collection is definitely a great and unique apparel collection! PoetryTeacher uses The Singer’s Circle Collection as another way to encourage others to sing!  Who is Singer’s Circle Collection for? Not only does PoetryTeacher realize that women want to look good and be heard, but that men do also. PoetryTeacher encourages by saying Yes Ma’am and Sing Sir, which are two of the most popular phrases used when you hear someone singing or music period! Those are also two of the PoetryTeacher designs for The Singer’s Circle Collection of t-shirts. Specifically in The Singer’s Circle those phrases are said to remind you that yes, you’ve got IT! You have got whatever it takes! Also, and equally as important, this is another one of the many ways that the PoetryTeacher reminds you that Words are Food, and they should be used for sustenance, expression, and energy to keep going! Most importantly, when you shop all PoetryTeacher apparel you will be able to choose from our customized hoodies, masks, regular shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, tank tops, crop tops, handbags, mesh bags, and even masks that were crafted and thought of with men and women in mind! PoetryTeacher encourages you to come and shop at The Singer’s Circle while still encouraging you to Sing! So, sing until your heart is content and shop at The Singer’s Collection with the same passion!